Here are just some of the ways your membership dollars will work everyday to make our neighborhood a better place to live. We use annual dues:

To communicate via the Tattler, the This Old House list and the business directory

To sponsor a reforestation program to assure that our "forest" never lacks for trees

To maintain our small parks

To host an annual potluck supper and membership meeting

To provide street snow removal in winter

To pay for "Meet and Greets," jazz concerts in the park and parties for children

To make sure every new neighbor is greeted by our welcoming committee with a basket of the world’s best pastries and written information about the neighborhood

To monitor real estate practices and keep a list of houses for sale and their selling prices

To work with various city departments to assure that we receive adequate city services

To enforce Sherwood Forest property restrictions, city zoning ordinances and historic district requirements

To act as the liaison to our private security service

To form coalitions with surrounding neighborhoods

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