When compared to private security services in other neighborhoods, the Sherwood Forest Patrol is unique for several reasons.

The neighborhood, through the elected fifteen-member Board of Directors of the Sherwood Forest Association, contracts for the services of a professional security provider. At the end of each day’s shift, the patrol driver on duty provides a written report to a manager who is one of our own residents. Our driver patrols exclusively in the Sherwood Forest neighborhood.

This unique arrangement gives the greatest possible control to our resident members, while leaving the day-to-day operations to a highly efficient professional security service. We have found that this system works: crime is low in Sherwood Forest.

Among the services the patrol provides to its subscribers are:

The ability to communicate with the security provider 24 hours a day

House checks by a patrol officer if you hear a noise or see something suspicious

Vacation checks of your house several times a day when you are away

Patrol escort service into the neighborhood if requested in advance

Traffic control in cooperation with the Detroit Police Department

Special coverage when needed, as on Angels’ Night or Halloween

Because Sherwood Forest is a Special Assessment District (S.A.D), the patrol is paid for by funds collected by the city in your summer taxes.